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The Ashbrooke Cosmetic Surgery was established in 1991, originally as a vein clinic. Over the years, our reputation has grown enormously, the ever increasing range of cosmetic procedures our talented surgeons are capable of performing, and the consistently good results we achieve with our work, making Ashbrooke a trusted choice for cosmetic surgeries of all kinds.

Our clinic has been granted a certification of accreditation by The Australian Council on Health Care Standards (ACHS), an organisation dedicated to improving the quality and safety of health care in Australia through continuous performance reviews, assessments and accreditation.

Our expertise extends to a full range of cosmetic procedures. Our doctors are able to treat your facial lines with muscle relaxant injections or dermal fillers which help to remodel your face, effectively giving you a mid-face lift without surgery. Contour threads can also be used to soften facial lines, lift saggy skin in the face and give you a minor facial lift when surgery is not yet required.

Ultherapy a non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens the neck, chin and brow, and improves lines and wrinkles on chest is gaining so much popularity with its amazing results with no surgery and no down-time.


The Ashbrooke Clinic (Mosman, Surry Hills and Parramatta) is now known throughout Australia as one of the most experienced surgeries in the field of liposculpture, the most sought after cosmetic treatment in our clinic. Our speciality is tumescent liposculpture performed under local anaesthesia.

Our team of doctors and theatre staff have extensive knowledge in managing liposculpture patients and other cosmetic procedures, having seen and performed procedures on patients of every shape and size. Our record of excellent results, high levels of patient satisfaction and very low complication rates have made us one of the leading names in liposculpture in Australia.

To share our accumulated expertise with other cosmetic practitioners, we have held a number of workshops in liposculpture over the years. We also work very closely with The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery in their training program for medical and surgical registrars of the college. All our doctors belong to the Liposuction Register of the College, upon which only those who have performed a minimum of one hundred surgeries can be listed.



Soo-Keat graduated with an MBBS from the University of Sydney in 1966 and has behind him vast experience in family medicine, both in Australia and overseas. Since embarking on a career in cosmetic medicine some 14 years ago, Dr Lim has acquired commanding experience in a wide variety of cosmetic procedures. His speciality is tumescent liposculpture performed under local anaesthetic, a technique he was taught by Dr Jeffrey Klein, one of the most experienced and famous microcannular liposuctionists in the USA.

A strong believer in, and advocate of, promoting the benefit of a strong united body to represent cosmetic doctors, Soo-Keat is very involved with The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS), being not only a fellow of the Faculty of Medicine of the ACCS, but also a council member and its treasurer.


Cosmetic Physician. Specializing in Tumescent Liposuction under Local Anaesthetic. Teaching Cosmetic Injectables & Liposuction. Sclerotherapy.

Recently awarded a Diploma of Lipoplasty by the ACCS, Soo-Keat is also currently a mentor and examiner in the College’s Diploma of Liposuction Program.

Soo-Keat takes a holistic approach to the issues brought to him by his patients and he always holds his patients in the highest regard. With his humble approach and affable nature, he is able to quickly put his patients at ease as he assesses their needs. He is a strong believer in the principle of less is more and, what’s more, he practices it: throughout his professional career, he has always under-promised and consistently over-delivered.

Soo-Keat is well known for his expertise in body sculpting using liposculpture, facial remodelling with injectable fillers and muscle relaxants, treatment of active acne using blue light and acne scars with the needling technique, as well as sclerotherapy for varicose and spider veins.

Passionate about a harmonious and socially cohesive Australia, Soo-Keat is a member of the Chinese Australian Forum, non-profit and non-government funded organisation that aims to build bridges amongst the various cultural groups in our community.


Dr Sarojini Nair is widely recognised as one of the best female surgeons specialising in cosmetic surgery. Since 1992, Dr Nair has undertaken rigorous training in many aspects of cosmetic medicine, much of which has been under the supervision of eminent overseas experts including Dr Jeffrey Klein, the American surgeon who pioneered tumescent liposculpture.

In 1993, Dr Nair became a member of the International Academy of Phlebology in Paris, and, in 1997, a member of the American Society of Liposuction Surgery. With almost 20 years experience in the field of liposculpture, Dr Nair is one of Sydney’s leading female liposculpture surgeons, having performed thousands of procedures for both men and women.

Dr Nair is a member of The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) and assists and contributes in workshops held at our practice. Saro (as she is more fondly called by her colleagues) is enthusiastic about many of the diverse aspects of the industry, she makes sure to keep herself informed about all the latest developments in liposculpture and other cosmetic modalities around the world and has actively participated in numerous workshops and conferences in the US and Europe. She is one of a few number of doctors with several years experience in the use of the Ultherapy machine, a non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens the face and neck.

Renowned for the “hands-on” approach she takes, Saro is also well known for a variety of other cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, injectables for frown lines and wrinkles, face and leg vein injections, and more recently contour threads, for a non-surgical face lift.

Having the unique quality of understanding the female psyche, Dr Nair is able to relate to her patients needs, both as a woman and as a doctor. The results her patients have obtained have made her just as popular to our male clientele. With her meticulous nature and consummate ability to adapt to her patients needs, Dr Nair achieves very effective and highly aesthetic results.


Our team of staff have the knowledge and expertise coming from many years of experience, both at Ashbrooke and in the cosmetic surgery industry in general.

Our professionally qualified nursing staff, provide outstanding care for all our patients, and make sure they have everything that is required to make their procedures as pleasant as possible. Our people are the warmest and friendliest in the industry (we have been told), and we take utmost pride in this.

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